Southern Oaks Fall Wedding


Krishan had no idea when she walked into the first day of class her senior year that she was going to meet the man of her dreams, but that's exactly what happened.  They were students at the University of South Carolina.  One, a fashion major.  The other was a baseball player (I'm sure you can figure out which is which!)

Fast forward through baseball games, exams, endless hunting, and here they are! Now husband and wife! 

Alex and Krishan said their vows in front of their loved ones under a huge southern oak tree.  Their venue could not have been more perfect for what they wanted! Everything about their décor was AMAZING! Thank you Southern Oaks for making everythimg so pictue perfect. Y'all rock!

They brought their dogs to their engagement session, so it was only fitting to incorporate them into the wedding even though they couldn't make it! 

the hunter green looks amazing, doesn't it!?

There ceremony was perfect.  I have to admit, I may have teared up just a touch. 


and then they went out with a bang! 

Thank y'all for being so darn cute and such a pleasure to work with!  Your laughs are both contagious and it is so fun watching you two interact.  I hope y'all are having an AMAZING time on your honeymoon!  

Hugs and kisses,