Beautiful Outdoor Wedding in Gilbert, SC

I’ve been thinking for days about what I would write for this wedding. About how these two met. Or about the way Antoine looks at Makenzie. Or the party that went on when the ceremony was finished… and let me tell you, they PARTIED!

But I find myself now sitting at my desk with writers block. Reliving the day through these pictures and the only thing to really say about it was that it was perfect.

Hair and makeup had been taken care of earlier in the day, so when I got there the girls already had the room spotless and were sitting quietly in their robes. Yes, quietly. So quiet that I went and grabbed them a bottle of wine lol

These getting dressed pictures are just pure perfection. The light makes my heart sing and all of this smiling is genuine. I knew I was going to take Makenzie outside for some portraits of just her, so when I saw this blue chair I knew I needed it. A big thank you to Pam at venue for letting me use it btw!

And take a moment to check out that bouquet. The groom did all of the flowers and they were gorgeous! I was blown away!

We always say the days were filled with love and laughter, and you may think I’m kidding. But see for yourself….


So here is a teaser of how amazing their wedding day was. I told you. Perfection. I’m so thankful Makenzie reached out to me about shooting their wedding. They were surrounded by friends and family and from everything I saw, had a blast. I love this couple so much and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.