Sam & Kaitlyn's Wedding in Gilbert, SC

wind blowing veil

Weddings are naturally stressful for the couple and their families leading up to the big day. Will it be hot? Where will the sun be for the ceremony? Will people have a good time? Will we run late or will we all be ready?

Those are just some examples. But what happens when you throw in bad weather? Renting a tent for a backup plan for rain is one thing, but let’s add a twist. Let’s throw in a hurricane.

Sam and Kaitlyn’s original wedding date was Saturday, September 15th but due to Hurricane Florence they moved it to the day before. Pam with Southern Oaks contacted all of the vendors Wednesday night (like a few days before the wedding) to see if we would be able to make it if we moved it up to Friday. It just so worked out that all of us could be there!

So let’s get to the wedding day. A day that offered diffused light and magical gusts of wind. Their décor was rich with burgundy and pinks, from the flowers down to the linens on the table. The flow was perfect.

How cool is her grandfather’s car? If it looks familiar then you probably remember it from Sam & Kaitlyn’s engagement session at the tree farm last year (which was amazing by the way!) Don’t remember? Click here!

Why is Sam facing backwards? Well that’s so he can see Kaitlyn when she is closer instead of losing that moment because she’s so far away! Sam was all smiles as his bride walked down the aisle.


I really love this next sequence! I love the dip and then the high fives behind them! What a fun moment!

These are just some of my favorites from the couple pictures after the ceremony plus a picture of the wedding party (-the kids.) You remember that magical hurricane wind, right? Perfect timing!

And what a good looking group!

The weather had everyone on edge THE. ENTIRE. TIME. but it held off until everyone was inside for the first dances (in fact, I doubt they noticed the lights flickered!) These are always some of my favorite moments and I loved that all of the songs they picked out were original.

(Side not. On the fence about up lighting? Do it!)

I know some of you are expecting to see the partying pictures, aren’t ya?! Well, I normally leave all that blackmail to the bride and groom to distribute. So… if you (or your mom hehe) was kickin’ it up on the dance floor.. then you will just have to wait for those pictures :)

Congratulations again, Sam and Kaitlyn! I have so enjoyed getting to know you both and I hope you love what you have seen so far! I will be talking to you soon! ;)

vintage car night wedding photography

Venue- Southern Oaks Events

Photographer- Nikki Morgan Photography, LLC

DJ- Party Time DJs

Caterer- Hudson’s Smokehouse

Cake- Bailys Sweet Shop

Flowers- Flowers & Gifts by Linda