Fall Southern Oaks Wedding

I have been outrageously busy this fall and I swear every wedding makes me love what I do more and more. So, with that said, let me show you this one! Faithe and I had talked a few times about me shooting their wedding, but I’m not going to lie, I was giddy when we finalized everything. I knew she’d look beautiful, but I had no idea EVERYTHING was going to be as amazing as it was!

Let’s start with Faithe’s details. By this time I think most of you know me.. sparkly, rose gold(ish) things make my heart sing. So it’s only natural that I Ooohed and Ahhhed over her jewelry and shoes.

I have been planning a certain blog post for about.. oh a year or so…So, I’m going to let you in on something. Southern Oaks is one of my favorite venues. It totally has the southern charm while giving you both inside and outside options. It’s always fun shooting weddings there because I know it’s going to beautiful, and different! Pam puts her heart into every single wedding and it always shows! She is constantly taking it to the next level!

I keep looking at these getting ready pictures and they take my breath away every time. Faithe’s hair and makeup were FLAWLESS.

Faithe did choose to have a bridal session (which again.. phenomenal!) but I still wanted to spend a minute with her for some portraits on the big day. Pam designed the perfect vintage set up, so that was a MUST! It worked perfectly for her and the groups!

When you think about a wedding day, you most likely think of the bride and the gown. But what about the groom? Shouldn’t he get some attention? I believe he should!

Night portraits were a must when we began talking about the wedding. They were a “seal the deal” kind of thing. The sun went down FAST after the ceremony, so much so that I did couple portraits first (which come after family and wedding party…) and I still completely lost light. I adore the way these turned out!

Every wedding I do makes me love my profession that much more. I love getting to shoot my friends’ weddings even though I feel guilty for wanting to wobble when I should be snapping away. It was such a pleasure capturing these priceless memories for my friend and her man!