Robby & Meredith's City Roots Engagment Session

Hiiiiiiii there! Me again! I know it’s been quiet but that’s not because there hasn’t been a CRAZY amount of weddings/sessions going on, and I am beyond excited to share them with you. I started this blog post about two(ish) weeks ago and I stopped because I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to say. Did I want to talk about how adorable they were? Of course! Maybe mention that I’m a little jealous of Meredith’s hair? Maybe.. ;) But tonight, I’m showing you all of my favorites from their engagement session.

Meredith and Robby told me they wanted to do their engagement session at City Roots, which I had seen in FB posts, but I had never actually been there. Now, I want to GO there all the time! Never been? Go. Now! Well in the morning b/c it’s pretty late, actually…

So they chose to go with a location that had meaning instead of one of the regular cola picture spots. As a creative, I appreciate this!

So, going back to had never been to City Roots before, I looked over and there was this awesome bar inside of an airplane hanger. How cool is that?! To give them a different feel, I recommended walking across the street and I am so glad we did. I loved it. It was the perfect setting. In fact, I will be back there tomorrow and I am so excited!

I am so looking forward to shooting Robby and Meredith’s wedding in May and equally as excited about Meredith’s bridal session (which we already made plans for while we were at their engagement session lol!) It’s going to be AMAZING!! A huge shout out to City Roots and Hunter Gatherer for letting us hang out for a little while!