Sweet Little Madison


I don't normally combine my personal life with my business, but A) I figured this would be the easiest way to fill people in instead of repeating myself and B) I CAN'T STOP TAKING HER PICTURE! 

The baby you see above is my daughter, my baby girl.  If you know me even just a little bit, you know that I have been wanting a girl since we found out we were pregnant with our first child.  Fast forward five years and two boys later, we were completely happy with our family of four, but God had other plans in mind.  

Three weeks ago today, our family grew by one more.  We were blessed with this beautiful baby girl.  But her story isn't so simple, and this is the part people keep asking about.  When they went to take her temperature in the OR (I had a csection) they noticed something a little different and were worried there was an obstruction. The nurse quickly mentioned it while I was still in surgery, but I didn't know what was about to happen.  They put Madison on my chest to do skin to skin in the OR, but I was on all kinds of medicine and I wanted her to go ahead and get cleaned up so I could love on her sooner while I was in recovery.  That never happened, though.  

Everything happened fast, or at least it seemed fast to me.  In a matter of moments I went from being so excited to see my daughter to completely heartbroken after my husband had to tell me they were moving her to the NICU at Richland per her pediatrician. The only time I got to hold my daughter after that was when they brought her by my room.  Greg had warned me how she would be transported and to not freak out, but when they wheeled her into my room in an incubator, my heart broke even more (she had to be in this to be transported.)  I got to hold her for maybe 2 minutes before they took her and moved her to a different hospital.  


(yes... I look a hot mess, but that's ok!)

The rest of that day was filled with tears and very little information as to what was going on.  My husband went with her, but we wouldn't know anything until the next day when they did an "exploratory surgery" on her.  For two days all I could do was look at pictures of her from when she was born or from Greg when he was with her.  To say I was upset would be an understatement.  I was so sad that I physically hurt.  I still feel that pain now as I write this.  Not only did it feel like I had my daughter ripped from me the moment she was born, but there was also this pit in my stomach being away from my boys.  

They discharged me Saturday morning and I went straight to her.  I finally got to see how beautiful she was for myself.  I got to kiss her little forehead and put her cute little hat on her.  These were all things I figured I would be doing that Thursday after my surgery.  Those few days were torture, but we were so fortunate.  As much as it hurt not being with her, things could have been way worse.  They let her come home with us that day and with the care of her pediatrician and pediatric surgeons, we are "fighting this battle" together.  Madison has an abnormality that gives her a little bit of trouble going to the bathroom, but the hope is that she will outgrow it without having to go through surgery.  As of yesterday at her appointment, we will help her at home and follow up in one month.  

I have to take a moment to say that I could not have gotten through this without this guy.  He knew exactly how to deliver information the best way possible.  I would have been lost had he not been by our daughters side, or making sure our boys were taken care of.  I love you babe and thank you! 


If you know anything about me, you know I'm awful at telling stories.  I left out a good bit, but this post was starting to look a little long...

So!  Let me show you our amazing, beautiful baby girl!  

nikki morgan