The Farm at Ridgeway Wedding in South Carolina

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing couples over the past several years, but to say these two are one of my favorites would be an understatement.   I remember walking out of the room after our Skype interview and thinking how much I would love to work with Drew and Natalie.  Their personalities alone and as a couple were just so easy going and fun, so when I got the email saying they were ready to book, I was over the moon! 

We shot their engagement session in January and again, I saw the same dynamic during the shoot as I did via Skype. The way they communicated.  The way they looked at each other.  The way they joked. It was perfect.  It made me even more excited about their big day. 

Their perfection rolled right on over to their wedding day, too.  I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful everything was, from Natalie's classic dress to their delicous cake. Just perfection.   And can we take a moment to look at Natalie's eyes.  I promise I didn't edit them one bit.  They are just that striking.  You will see what I mean if you keep reading (or looking... whichever!)

Look at Drew's expression when the doors opened and he saw his bride for the first time. I had told him how gorgeous she was, but that word did not do her any justice.  I've known from meeting him that Drew would raise the bar, and he did.  Even during their engagement session, you could almost see how much Drew loved Natalie.  I felt that way when he reached for her hand, too.  He didn't wait to be told to face each other and it was totally unprompted.  So sweet. 

They had told me that Drew's dad would be marrying them, but they didn't tell me what they had up their sleeves for their vows.  They did write their own vows, but they had the best man and maid of honor read them.  Different, right?  

OK well there are just no words for their couple pictures.  I could swoon over them all day long.  The end.

The cutting of the cake.  I don't think I have been to a wedding yet where the groom hasn't told me that he had been warned about feeding cake to his bride.  None of us particularly WANT cake smashed in our face.. but... then you don't have fun pictures like these! YOLO... that works here, yes?

Words can't describe how happy I am for you, two.  I pray for many years of happiness and even more sweet moments. Drew, keep grabbing Natalie's hand and Natalie, keep rocking out to songs with Drew.