Mack & Courtney's Wedding in Ridgeway, SC


I am so excited to share this sweet day with all of you!  I felt like it was forever away, especially when we did their engagement session about a year before the wedding.  I could not wait to get them back in front of my camera! I shot Courtney's bridal session in the fall, which did not help with the anticipation.  They were freaking incredible and if you haven't seen them yet, then click here! It didn't dawn on me until the wedding that she looks like Carrie Underwood!  Everyone was talking about it all night! 

Mack and Courtney chose the beautiful Farm at Ridgeway for their ceremony and reception.  It was a June wedding, but I don't remember thinking it was too hot (after all... us South Carolinians know what Summer really means down here!) 

The shot of Courtney looking at her ring was totally unintentional.  I thought it would be cool to get her reflection and right then, she looked down at her ring.  This moment just seemed so precious to me! 

How sharp does he look?!  Don't worry buddy.  It's almost time! 

Courtney chose not to do a first look with her soon to be hubby, but she had to do one with her father.  He was equally as cute as her.  He started tearing up as soon as he knew she was behind him and almost didn't want to turn around because he knew he'd lose it!  

As soon as they opened the doors for her to start walking towards Mack, he also lost it!  These moments are my favorite.  See!  So darn sweet! 

I think most people missed the first kiss because it was soooooooo quick!!!!  But not me! :)  Challenge accepted! 

I seriously can not get enough of these two.  Like... swoon! They may or may not be on my new business cards! <3

DJ Howie D had the party going with some fun music and interesting games! I'm used to seeing the shoe game at weddings, but I have never seen the game he played.  Think musical chairs but they had to go out and get stuff.  Like a $50 bill, or shoe, or t-shirt.  Yes, I will leave that there and let you think about how those pictures turned out ;)

(and the undies were a joke!)

They ended their day with intimate sparkler pictures which only included their families and bridal party.  I had so much fun with these two and I pray for a lifetime of love and happiness for them! Congratulations, Mack and Courtney! 

nikki morgan