My Top 5 Favorite Venues of 2018

Congratulations!  You and your babe are now engaged and it's time to start wedding planning!  But where do you start?  Your venue, of course! 

Here is a list of several of my favorites from 2018.  These are my personal and professional opinions based off of my own experiences.  They are not in any specific order, as I think they all are #1 for their own reasons! Whether it be for their delicious food (which if we have ever talked specifically about one of these, then you know exactly what I’m talking about! I’m obsessed with their in house catering. Message me to find out which one!) OR! Because of the picture perfect backdrop, amazing staff or endless possibilities in décor and what the venue handles for you. You can easily see in these pictures that all of these are soooooo different but still breathtaking!

Columbia has had some incredible venues open in the last few years and there are several new ones coming for you in 2019! Anytime I am talking to friends or prospective brides who haven’t picked a venue yet I always ask them to close their eyes and imagine their day. What do they see? That gives me an idea of what direction they should go. Most of the time their venue is picked before we chat, but I’m always here to help if not!

 So! Here they are! If you are considering any of these and would like to see full wedding galleries for ideas then you can absolutely message me!

First up, Southern Oaks Event Venue

nikki morgan