Romantic Mountain Wedding at Hotel Domestique


I knew this wedding was going to be incredible for a few different reasons. One of those was because of the venue. I immediately looked it up when I received Camille’s email inquiring about my services and instantly fell in love! You wouldn’t think this little slice of heaven is located upstate, but it is! The hotel was filled with Ryan and Camille’s friends and family for the entire weekend, which really made for an unforgettable time. The true definition of an intimate celebration. Ryan and Camille picked Hotel Domestique because they wanted a relaxed feel, and boy did they get that. With everything in one spot, there wasn’t this feel of hustle and bustle… everything just… flowed. Which happens when you have amazing vendors and have an awesome wedding planner! All are tagged at the bottom <3

I love the moment when the bride is getting dressed. There is this anticipation of putting everything together and seeing what she looks like, and wow. Camille was stunning! Look at that veil!

He looks so serious, doesn’t he? Well.. you should have seen him at the reception! Ryan and his friends were all over that dance floor, but I’ll let him tell that story ;)

Ok. So you have a fabulous venue, gorgeous view, amazing couple, what could make this day any better? Well, a ceremony filled with personal touches. From the Wedding Crasher quotes that had everyone laughing, to the blessing and kissing of the rings they passed around amongst the guests. Their first date was watching the eclipse, so yes, you see that right. Camille snuck those sunglasses into everyone’s welcome bag to surprise Ryan during their vows.

Another reason I knew it would be awesome? Ryan and Camille’s chemistry. She moves, he moves. When you think about couples who “belong” together or who “fit” together, these two come to mind. They were adorable during their engagement session, but the wedding was totally different. It was so fun seeing them let loose, take in the day and become a family.

I told you! They are ridiculously cute and perfect together! I could not have asked for a better way to kick off this wedding season!

Venue-Hotel Domestique

Planner & Designer- Bespoken Events

Photographer- Nikki Morgan Photography

Floral Designer: Kate Asire Flowers

Videographer: Elevated Eye Films 

Hair and Makeup Artist:  Cotton Rouge and Company

Rentals:  Professional Party

Lighting: Berbank Events

Ceremony Entertainment: Greenville Wedding Music

Band: Sam Hill Entertainment