Four Reasons a Bridal Session is Necessary!

Most of my bride’s add a bridal session to their wedding day package, but I have had some say that they don’t see the point or don’t need it. This blog post is to explain why I would disagree. I promise it has greater value than you may think!

Reason #1

You spend X amount of money on this dress… but you only get to wear it once? Where is the fun in that?! A bridal session can be your excuse to dress up before your big day!

Reason #2

Unless I’m traveling outside of SC……. You are in the South….. it’s what we do!

Did you know that a bridal session isn’t a “thing” in the North, and it apparently isn’t too common out West!

Reason #3

Even if you have had your engagement session, a bridal session is one of the best ways to feel more comfortable with your photographer. Some of us have better sides, or better yet, maybe not the most confidence. This is your chance to convey that to your photographer. I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t feel better after seeing beautiful images of themselves!


Reason #4

A bridal session will act as a run-through for your wedding day. You will get a better idea of how long hair and makeup will actually take, or how long it will take for someone to put you in your dress. You will get to experience moving around in your dress, besides just walking to the mirror for alterations. This is your chance to see the final product all put together, instead of on your wedding day.

Most of the time we get a few minutes on the wedding day for some bridal portraits, but this is our chance to slow down and get creative. I adore bridal sessions. I love being able to turn my camera around and show my clients incredible images and seeing their faces light up.

So…… now think about it…. is a bridal session important?